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Surprise Marriage Proposal | #LoveIsLove | Absolut Colors


When Relativity Digital came to Big Door to produce a short-form show for Absolut Vodka, we had no idea it would lead us to a hidden cove in Laguna Beach for a surprise proposal. Production started with secret casting sessions at Big Door Studios, and then led us on a month long journey of clandestine meetings and furtive texts with Paige, who had dreamed of her perfect proposal on a secluded beach where her and her girlfriend first swam. The secret and the surprise were paramount when coordinating the logistics of flying her family out from the Midwest, arranging several days of filming under different guises, and figuring out the best way to elevate a touching moment in only ways Absolut could do. It ended in a perfect, touching moment, complete the couple's favorite band performing, and all filmed from three cameras on the ground, and one from the air.


Check it out below! 



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