What is the parking situation?

We have non-metered street parking in the surrounding blocks, as well as 12 dedicated parking spots (6 in front, 6 in back). Production generally parks in the back lot, talent and client in the front, and crew on the street. We regularly accomdate crews of 30 or less people using street parking. Additionally, up to 5-Ton G&L trucks also fit in the front lot. If your production needs more parking space, additional lots are available for rent nearby.

Does the Stage have a water hookup nearby?

Yes, it does! We have an exterior hose hookup located on the patio approximately 50' from the stage entrance.

Are we able to rent the stage for less than 12 hours?

On a case by case basis we are able to provide slightly discounted rates for Prep or Pre-Light Days for a maximum of 5 hours and does not apply to the office side of the facility.

Do I need to have my own insurance?

Yes, please see the Contract for details.

Can I have animals in my production or bring my personal pet to set?

We are pet friendly! Please make sure that you have proper insurance and adhere to production film regulations with regards to animals on set. Well behaved personal pets are welcome with advance notice.

Can we use smoke or fog effects on stage?

Generally, non-toxic production fog effects are ok with advanced notice. Please make us aware of any intention of using fog effects. Big Door is a non-smoking facility, so live cigaretts or other smoke emitting practical props are prohibited.

Can talent or crew smoke on set?

Big Door is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is only allowed outside in desginated smoking areas.

Can we film in other parts of the facility?

To Film in the Office side of the facility (Conference Room, Great Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, etc.) is $150/hour. To Film in the Offices located upstairs is $250/day per office. This is permitted on a case by case basis and is based on availability. Our distro can reach all areas of the facility.

Can you guys help out with Production crew, gear and planning?

Yes! Big Door is a full service production company and can help in any portion of your production from sourcing crew to equipment to post. Let us know how we can help!

What do you charge to paint the cyc?

Green Cyc is included with the Day Rate. To Paint the entire Cyc white, black, or with any color supplied by you, is a one-time charge of $750 Each Wall can be painted separately for $250 The Floor can be painted separately for $350 For black infinity / void shoots, most clients choose to only paint the floor black, and use our velour curtains which cover the entire cyc to black out the walls.