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Set Design
ZOA Master Wide Shot Center.jpg
Big Door was tasked with capturing the spirit of the Healthy Warrior. This was accomplished by mixing organic elements with sleek, clean surfaces and textures.
ZOA Signage 1.jpg
ZOA Front Counter Cans Stack.jpg
Zoa Signage 2.jpg
ZOA Back Counter Middle Left_.jpg
ZOA Back Counter Far Left_.jpg
We've been in the business for 20+ years. Take a look at our gorgeous facility, range of work, and who we are.

What We Can Do For You

Brand Development

Our talented producers will help from the very beginning, turning rough ideas into polished, ready for marketing designs that capture attention and breathe life into your brand.

Physical Production

Our line-item budgets are concise, and scalable to provide just the right amount of production to accomplish all goals. We provide high value, as we own the cameras, lights, and even the studio space itself. Because we film all the time, our gear is always impeccably cared for, and ready to go at a moments notice.

Digital and Print Design

We have five edit suites on site, on-staff editors and graphic artists. Networks and businesses alike choose us because we're highly flexible and collaborative, delivering highly polished materials on budget and on time.

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