100+ Million Campaign Views
Get By Together
:60 & :30 Broadcast + Paid Digital
77+ Million YouTube Views + Countless Broadcast Views
YouTube and Big Door teamed up to create a campaign of inspiration, positivity, and hope during one of our most challenging times.  YouTube has always been the platform for DIY videos and vlogging content, but the pandemic transformed the platform into the destination to survive and thrive during isolation.  We were challenged with celebrating YouTube's success as an essential ecosystem where the power of community brought back connectivity and hope to so many.  We highlighted YouTube's strength by leveraging original content from their creators.  Our hero spot, :60 broadcast and digital commercial, focused on how YouTube’s community thrived during the worst of times.  We captured the gravity of the situation, but threaded a message of hope.  With many other spots also leveraging User Generated content, we concentrated on making the spot as authentic and “YouTube” as possible by integrating the iconic YouTube UI to drive the narrative and featuring YouTube's Google powered search bar to enhance branding.  A flight of shorter companion spots (:15) were created to showcase evolving trends of how YouTube Creators were coping with the pandemic on topics covering:  "How to cut hair", "How to make a face mask", "How to homeschool your kids" and more. A resounding success,  the campaign racked up more than 100MM views in just 6-weeks time, and the Hero :60 is now a top 10 most popular video on YouTube's home channel.  The campaign was distributed around the world. 
Celebrating the Class of 2020
:60 & :30 Broadcast + Paid Digital
In 2020, a right of passage was altered for millions as the graduating class would miss out on their traditional commencement.  YouTube challenged us with creating a campaign that not only acknowledged the pain and frustration of the 2020 Graduates, but also delicately thread an emotional message of hope and perseverance. Celebrating the Class of 2020 showcased how YouTube Creators from all over the nation were finding creative alternative ways to share their feelings while also celebrating their biggest day.  Our Spot celebrated YouTube as a destination where the power of community and sharing created powerful bonds between creators and viewers.  We highlighted YouTube's unique position by leveraging original content from their Creators. Our spot was both a brand promo and a promotion for YouTube’s huge Virtual Streamed Graduation Event that featured an array of Celebrities and Luminaries, but most importantly -- celebrated Graduates of 2020 and the hope for our future.
To accompany our flagship :60 Brand Promos, we created :15 weekly promos that showcased the many ways the YouTube community searched how to best "Get By" during the lockdown. Using YouTube’s powerful data insights on search trends, we developed and produced impactful brand spots showcasing the relevance of the Creators and the YouTube community. In each spot, we identified a salient challenge point that the community was trying to solve, and threaded a needle of hope, perseverance, and joy.  From DIY haircuts to container gardening, our Trends videos garnered significant viewership -- more than 30MM in total. Most importantly, they showcased the best of the YouTube brand, a community who came together to help each other “Get By.” 
Make A Face Mask
9+ Million Views
Cut Hair
9+ Million Views
11+ Million Views
Build a Garden
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