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15+ Brand Films
156+ Million YouTube Views
Millions Of Broadcast Views
Billions Of Social Impressions
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Get By #WithMe
77+ Million YouTube Views
+Millions more on Broadcast
Find A Way #WithMe
16+ Million YouTube Views
+Millions more on Broadcast
Celebrating the Class of 2020
2+ Million YouTube Views
+Millions more on Broadcast
Ask How #WithMe
9+ Million YouTube Views
+Millions more on Broadcast
#WithMe Hero Films
Four flagship videos. One global campaign.
YouTube and Big Door teamed up to create a campaign of inspiration and hope during the most challenging times.  YouTube has always been the platform for DIY videos and vlogging content, but the pandemic transformed the platform into a destination to survive and thrive during 2020.  We were challenged with presenting YouTube as an essential ecosystem where the power of community brought back connectivity and hope to so many.  We highlighted YouTube's strength by leveraging original content from their creators.
At the start of the pandemic, our hero "Get By" spot focused on how YouTube’s community adapted during the worst of times. From hair cuts at home, to homeschooling kids, to DIY face masks, we captured the gravity of the situation and threaded a message of resilience and hope. The campaign racked up more than 100MM digital views and countless broadcast impressions, and the "Get By" spot is now a top 10 most popular video on YouTube's home channel. 
As the school year ended, our "Celebrating the Class of 2020" spot acknowledged the pain and frustration of graduates missing a major life milestone. We celebrated YouTube as a destination where students can share their feelings while also finding creative alternatives to celebrating their big day. 
As the pandemic stretched into the fall and the world continued to grapple with uncertainty, we created the "Find A Way" hero spot to highlight the unique ways people adapted to 2020 life. From learning new skills, to finding new ways of teaching, we found new ways to laugh and cope in dark times. 
Finally, we created the powerful "Ask How" spot to thank YouTube creators who provided answers during a year that left us all with questions: How to stay safe? How to work from home? How to learn new things? And how to grieve for the things we’d lost. We identified salient challenge points the community was trying to solve, and threaded a needle of hope and perseverance into the spot. As Ryan Seacrest stood in Times Square for ABC's New Year's Eve coverage, the "Ask How" spot received primetime placement during the broadcast in the final minutes of 2020.
The creative and vision we developed for these spots was leveraged all around the world, generating 45 international #WithMe films and billions of impressions.
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YT Trends
To accompany our flagship Brand Promos, we created 9 Trend videos to showcase the incredible new things we had to learn on YouTube in 2020. From virtual learning to container gardening, our Trends videos garnered significant viewership -- more than 45MM in total. Using YouTube’s powerful data insights on search trends, we developed and produced impactful brand spots showcasing the relevance of the Creators and the YouTube community.  Most importantly, they showcased the best of the YouTube brand that helped us get through 2020.
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Mental Health
6+ Million YouTube Views
Tiny Faces
4+ Million YouTube Views
Make A Face Mask
9+ Million YouTube Views
Cut Hair
9+ Million YouTube Views
5+ Million YouTube Views
Minimalism and Upcycling
2+ Million YouTube Views
11+ Million YouTube Views
Build a Garden
An award winning team with twenty years of innovation and creative strategy. View our accomplishments and learn how we can elevate your brand.
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